just past the tree, and before the next power pole on the right side of powerline rd,  there is a yellow sign (not in picture).   left to site 1 or continue straight to get to site 2.   site 1 starts 200' from sign (this is the nw corner of site 1).  the site is rectangular shaped.  1 mile east to west.  900' north to south.   do not go past the north border of site 1, while on the lake bed.

                               to get to site 2 continue straight along powerline rd for 3/4 mile.  when you get to the metal power pole (marked with a large red dot) turn left.  you are now on j boring rd.  drive 1/4 mile.  site 2 starts here.  this is the sw corner of the property.  the property continues east along j.boring rd for 1 mile at which point you will be at the se corner of site 2.  just before you get to the se corner you will see a short stretch of pavement (part of an old prop).  the site is flag shaped.  1 mile east to west.  1/4 mile north to south (east half).  660' north to south (west half).

take  I-15 east of Barstow to the fort Irwin rd. exit #189. 

remember to carry water with you when traveling across the desert.

j.boring rd. is a more direct rd. to site 2 but it is not maintained (its rocky).  ok for trucks, suv, ground clearance can be an issue for low profile cars.

there is a usgs survey marker at the southeast corner of site 2. a short stack of tires marks the location.


the closest gas station is at the ghost town road  I-15 exit #191

once on ft. irwin rd.  drive north.  just past the 17 mile marker you will come to motherload rd.   the exit is also a school bus stop and has a row of mail boxes.  turn right onto motherload rd.

stay on motherload for 2 1/2 miles until you get to powerline rd. turn right onto powerline.  after 1/4 mile you will be by a lone athel tree. 

35*05'23.39"N   116*46'26.89"W